Friday, October 18, 2013

Photo Shoot!

This week I have been a bit busy.  My classes start next week so I have been trying to prepare myself,  my husband is out of town for work and I had a few things I needed to do in Virginia so I stayed with my parents for a couple days.  My younger sister is a young photographer and taking photography classes so it seems like anytime I am home she wants to use me for a project, which is kind of fun, and I always get awesome pictures from it.  This shoot was fun because we did it with Jenny's friend Bekah and took my parents dog along.  We tend to take him along most of the time.  Honestly I would take him with me everywhere if I could, but here a a few from the shoot!

Yea I could totally balance it on my head....for about two seconds :)

I had a great time and Jenny always does a fantastic job! Definitely check out Jenny's Photography on her Facebook Page.  
She is in the process of creating a website and when she does...I will definitely be posting it.  

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