Monday, February 24, 2014

Time to shine

It has been a couple months since my last post. Not because I have been super busy or anything, I think I have just been avoiding it because I had nothing interesting going on in my life.  Quite honestly I am bored with myself.  At the moment I am unemployed and my husband works out of town, so my life consists of cooking, cleaning, playing with my dog, working out, and thinking about what my next step is.  I have tried to avoid a few social gatherings solely because I was terrified of the question "So what are you up to these days." This is the first time I have had nothing to say to that question, and it terrifies me.  I feel embarrassed and awkward any time I am asked. But this is where I am coming out and finally saying it, hoping that I can just own it.  I need to be thankful for this time, because I am able to focus on what I truly want to do.  I am so thankful for a loving and supportive husband. He could see I wasn't truly happy with my previous job and was very supportive in my decision to leave.  I am truly blessed Joshua works so hard and really wants me to be happy.  So here it time to pursue my dream.  Now to just get rid of all this fear I have built up...that is going to be the difficult part.

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl: Glad you are in pursuit of your dream. Does that mean you have taken definitive steps toward the boutique?
    Love to see you sometime for cup of tea/coffee/meal at Panera again.
    Miss you